Some people don't want to repent (a change of mind and heart) even when they know it is the right thing to do. For example, not long ago I attended a community meeting in “Sea View Estates” where the topic was whether or not hillside trees should be allowed to grow to a height where they block ocean views. Everyone there knew what the facts were before they arrived at the meeting. They knew because everyone who purchased a home in that community was required beforehand to sign a legal document agreeing to keep their trees trimmed to a height that did not block views. But several people at the meeting ignored that fact. Instead they wanted “freedom” to let their trees grow as tall as they like, and for over an hour they brought up every rabbit trail they could think of in favor of unlimited tree growth, even claiming that those who were against such growth were selfish – a most ironic statement given their own signature on the document. When the pro-view people reminded the tree people of that document, the tree people responded by personally insulting the view people. I have seen similar things happen on college campuses. Namely, if after I’ve debated atheists for several hours and gotten nowhere I sometimes ask them, what if, hypothetically, Jesus is exactly as the Bible describes Him to be – would you follow Him? Many say no. I then thank them for their honesty and say their answer shows that contrary to appearances, our discussion/debate has not been about facts, reason, evidence, logic, or truth. It has (like with the tree people) simply been about them seeking their own gratification, regardless of how it adversely affects others (and themselves).

Fortunately, the Home Owners Association ruled in favor of the community document and ordered the tree people to trim or remove their offending trees, thus preserving the intended high quality of the community, and the reason why it was built in the first place.

Kinda like with God and creation. Yes.